Best Picture Blogs

March 1, 2017

2017 Winner for Best Picture – Moonlight

The Oscar ceremony had one of its most controversial and memorable endings ever when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope and erroneously […]
March 3, 2016

2015 Winner for Best Picture – Spotlight

In what could be considered a mild surprise, Spotlight, a powerful film about The Boston Globe exposing years of sexual abuse by priests and the subsequent […]
October 30, 2015

Closing the Book On My Best Picture Series

Picked up the pieces while watching every Best Picture winner in order. There were several films that pleasantly surprised me and other films that disappointed me. […]
October 24, 2015

Best Picture Winners from Worst to Best

87. Tom Jones – A bawdy and Avant garde English comedy that was sloppily made and boring to watch. 86. The Broadway Melody – The first […]