I provide coverage for screenplays, treatments, outlines, and books intended for screen adaptation. I also can help with rewrites, as well as first drafts.

Screenplay and book coverage includes a Grade Page, which contains:
· Logline
· Brief summary
· Ratings on Premise, Storyline, Character, and Dialogue (from poor to excellent)
· Recommendations for writer and project (recommend, consider, pass)

In addition, depending on the level of coverage you select, it may include:
· Synopsis
· Detailed notes on the premise, storyline, characters, dialogue, and structure of the script
· Recommendations for improvement

See specific services for a detailed description of what is included in each package. Submit scripts in .pdf format (unless prior arrangements are made) to the email address below. You will be notified if I’m unable to meet the normal 72 hour turnaround time.

Payment is accepted through PayPal at the following email address: